A derivative of the S-2 Tracker appeared in 1955 as the Grumman C-1 Trader that was designed as a Carrier Onboard Delivery (COD) aircraft to provide passenger, mail and cargo services to deployed carriers.

The C-1A could be configured to carry up to nine passengers or up to 4,800 lbs of high priority cargo whose dimensions were compatible with those of the cargo area and/or the fuselage access doors (this included small jet engines).

The Traders normally operated from overseas shore-based VR (transport) squadrons and, in many situations, as detachments from other foreign military fields, e.g., Philippines, Turkey, Greece, Norway, etc., to support naval requirements.

Some aircraft carriers had a C-1A permanently assigned to provide proficiency time for eligible ship’s pilots. The C-1A was the last piston driven carrier aircraft in the Navy and served until September 30, 1988.

Span: 72′ 7″
Length: 45′ 4″
Height: 16′ 10″
Weight: 20,638 lbs
Armament: None
Engines: Two Wright R-1820-82WA at 1,525 each
Crew: Three (3); two pilots, an aircrewman who served as the plane captain, mechanic & loadmaster
Tail Number: 136790
Years in Service: 1962 – 1988
Maximum Speed: 253 mph
Cruising Speed: 163 mph
Range: 1,000 miles
Service Ceiling: 15,800 feet