55th Anniversary of the B-58 arriving at Bunker Hill AFB

2016 celebrates the 55th anniversary of the B-58 Hustler arriving at Bunker Hill AFB (which was later renamed Grissom Air Force Base in memory and honor of Gus Grissom, an Apollo 1 astronaut who died in a fire on the launch pad). The B-58’s left in late 1969 and the last one January 12, 1970.  BHAFB/GAFB was part of SAC (Stragetic Air Command) of the US Air Force.

In commemoration of this anniversary, GAM has had cast special “challenge” coins, along with replication of some of the historic B-58  patches of the area, and a few other ones as pictured below.

coin2 coin1 patch7 patch6 patch5 patch4 patch3 patch2patch1