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Director Position


Executive Director

 The Executive Director is directly responsible to the Board of Trustees and will discharge his duties as directed by the Board.


The Executive Director is responsible for the management of all day-to-day operations and activities of the Museum including financial management, development and fundraising, marketing, collections management, interpretation, strategic planning, staffing, volunteer programs, acquisitions, maintenance, educational outreach, membership, professional education, special events, and all other areas consistent with such a position.


The Executive Director will provide oversight to each Standing and Special Committee, and each committee chairperson is directly responsible to the Executive Director. The Executive Director  is an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees, and shall be notified and required to attend all meetings, unless otherwise directed by the Board, but shall not be entitled to vote at any Board meeting. The Executive Director will provide an official update on all Foundation activities  at each meeting of the Board.

If you are interested in this position, please send an email to:

staffing @


B-58 Project

Come check out our newly restored B-58 Hustler when you check out our museum! 

This is one of only 8 remaining B-58’s in existence. There were 116 ordered by the United States Air Force and those that existed at the end of the 1960’s went to the boneyard, Davis-Monthan, in late 1969 and early 1970. These planes were eventually sold for scrap during the Carter Administration.  This plane is the oldest B-58 left and was converted into a TB-58A after the initial test flights done by Convair, the manufacturer of the plane. It would have went into the boneyard also, except that in 1969 a fire in the cockpit took it out of service. After the fire the TB-58A was put on static display at Grissom AFB until being moved to its current resting place at the Grissom Air Museum.


Happy Birthday!

The United States Air Force became a separate military service on September 18, 1947 when the National Security Act of 1947 was implemented. Thank you to all the brave men and women who have served over the past 70 years.


Let us all take time from our professional and personal schedules to pay honor to those brave men and women that have served this country with dignity and bravery, our American Veterans. Celebrate Veterans Day at the museum on the Saturday before that National Holiday. We will offer FREE admission to all veterans, as well as refreshments, and time for you to talk with your fellow service men and women. On behalf of the trustees and members of the Grissom Air Museum, we say thank you for your service.

You can help

The  Grissom Air Museum is designed to bring people together for the a common cause,  such as aircraft restoration and maintenance. The museum has 25 military aircraft on display, and these planes are located in the outdoors. After many Indiana winters, these aircraft need, and deserve, a quality care program. If you are blessed with wealth, you can make a monetary donation which will go toward materials, supplies, equipment, and professional help for a particular aircraft. (PROPS Program) If you have expertise, you can donate your time and special skills to your favorite plane. If you have time and energy, you can donate your labor to help wash, paint, and detail an aircraft, or clear out the brush that grows underneath the aircraft. (Adopt-A-Plane Program) To donate or get involved, email our director at

Warbird Cruise In

Grissom Air Museum’s 26th Annual “Warbird Cruise In” Car, Truck, and Cycle Show  was held on Saturday. August 5th (Gates Open at 7:30 AM) Over 216 vehicles were on display.

Entrees, you have a chance to win: -Sponsor/Vendor Prizes -50/50 Drawing -“Best of Show” Award -Riggs Memorial Award – Fivecoate Memorial Award -Muchler Memorial Trophy -Commander’s Trophy -Warbird Trophy SEE YOU THERE!!

Car Show Registration 2017

Guided tours

It is now time for you to schedule your guided tour. These tours include one or more of our outstanding volunteer guides who will help bring the displays and aircraft alive with stories and information you desperately need. All of our guides are former military who either served on our base, or have lived in the area long enough that they know those special stories that you need to hear. We do not charge extra for the use of these fine veterans, but we do ask that you schedule you tour at least two to three weeks in advance so that our schedules don’t over lap. You may make your contact via email at or by phone at 574-398-1451. We will need your contact information, your tour date request, size and age of group members, and any special information that we should know. (The picture above shows John Ensign, Air Force Veteran from the 434th, with a group of children from Indianapolis.)

Hoosier Hustler Homecoming

During the height of the Cold War, the Strategic Air Command developed a small fleet of supersonic weapon systems capable of destroying entire nations. Then they selected an elite group of airmen to make the system credible. This Armed Forces Day weekend many of these “right stuff” aircrew and support staff will come home to the Grissom Air Museum.
Beginning Friday May 19th a reception center and hospitality room will be open at Kokomo’s Courtyard by Marriott hotel.
Then on Saturday a full day of activities is planned at the Grissom Air Museum at the Courtyard, including a memorial ceremony to honor the 17 Bunker Hill and Grissom Hustler crewmen who were killed in the B-58 program.
Registration for the event is $75 and includes two days of hospitality rooms, two meals and the VIP treatment at the Museum. A registration form is attached for your convenience.
Please make your reservations at the Courtyard now by calling 765-453-0800 and use discount code HHHS to reserve your accommodations.
We hope that you’ll join us for the “Gathering of Eagles”.
Please view the following links for more information regarding this year’s Hoosier Hustler Homecoming schedule of events.

Hoosier Hustler Homecoming1
Flyer homecoming