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Let us all take time from our professional and personal schedules to pay honor to those brave men and women that have served this country with dignity and bravery, our American Veterans. Celebrate Veterans Day at the museum on the Saturday before that National Holiday. We will offer FREE admission to all veterans, as well as refreshments, and time for you to talk with your fellow service men and women. On behalf of the trustees and members of the Grissom Air Museum, we say thank you for your service.

Grissom Air Museum Membership


A membership to the Grissom Air Museum helps fulfill our mission of preserving the military aviation history of the Bunker Hill/Grissom Air Force Base as well as the United States Naval Training Station at Bunker Hill. Your contribution supports our efforts to increase public comprehension of this base history while honoring those brave men and women who serve her.

To contact us for more information about joining please email us at

Or call us at 765) 689-8011