B-58 Project

Come check out our newly restored B-58 Hustler when you check out our museum! 

This is one of only 8 remaining B-58’s in existence. There were 116 ordered by the United States Air Force and those that existed at the end of the 1960’s went to the boneyard, Davis-Monthan, in late 1969 and early 1970. These planes were eventually sold for scrap during the Carter Administration.  This plane is the oldest B-58 left and was converted into a TB-58A after the initial test flights done by Convair, the manufacturer of the plane. It would have went into the boneyard also, except that in 1969 a fire in the cockpit took it out of service. After the fire the TB-58A was put on static display at Grissom AFB until being moved to its current resting place at the Grissom Air Museum.