The “P.R.O.P.” Program at Grissom Air Museum is designed to bring people together for the a common cause, aircraft restoration and maintenance. The museum has 26 military aircraft on display, and these planes are located in the outdoors. After many Indiana winters, these aircraft need, and deserve, a quality care program. PROP’s allows you to decide what care you can afford these gems. If you are blessed with wealth, you can make a monetary donation which will go toward materials, supplies, equipment, and professional help. If you have expertise, you can donate your time and special skills to your favorite plane. If you have time and energy, you can donate your labor to help wash, paint, and detail an aircraft, or clear out the brush that grows underneath the aircraft. Adopting a plane is the only way you and the members of the museum can guarantee these “birds” will be taken care of for future generations. To get involved, email our director at